Vision Lunch & Learn

Whitecroft Lighting invites customers to the Vision Lunch & Learn seminar with a range of latest topics to choose from. Our lighting industry specialists will deliver the chosen presentation at customer’s office and will be available to answer all specific questions. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

Available presentations: 




1. Beyond the Hype and Into Reality

LED is now firmly established in many construction projects as the light source  of choice. During the presentation you will gain insight into the latest developments in LED and smart control technology.  We look at the opportunities and the challenges in delivering effective lighting solutions faced by the designer in the coming years.

2. Smart Controls and Connectivity

Lighting controls form an integral part of the energy management programme for any new building design or refurbishment programme today. With the advent of IOT, POE, cloud based and wireless technologies, lighting controls developments present new refurbishment opportunities and are challenging traditional installation practices.

3. Building Information Modelling (BIM)    

With the continued adoption of Building Information Modelling, the lighting design process is moving from a 2D to 3D environment. During this session we will explore the benefits and challenges facing  the lighting industry in integrating ourselves into the BIM revolution. 

4. Maintenance Factors Explained

With the advent of LED technology  brings changes on how maintenance  factors are applied to the lighting design. This presentation looks at how the combination of conventional maintenance factor methodologies with the latest research and trends will deliver an effective lighting solution across the life of an LED installation.

5. Integrating heating and cooling, lighting, acoustics and services

This CPD looks at what contributes to good heating and lighting, and the benefits integrated solutions can deliver to the built environment. Pertinent industry guidance and regulations are discussed, in addition to the alternate forms of heating and cooling mediums that are available and the advantages that integrated services can deliver for stakeholders on a project. This CPD is CIBSE accredited.




6. The Healthcare Environment

The healthcare sector delivers a unique and complex set of challenges for the lighting designer not normally seen within other applications. In addition to the four key pillars that underpin the lighting proposition (Standards & Compliance, Patient & Staff Experience, Infection Control, Energy & Sustainability) this presentation will also  look at how new technology, standards and research may change the way we  light healthcare premises of the future. 

7. Education and the Learning Environment

Research continues into how the modern learning environment supports teaching methods, learning and interaction across all areas of educational premises. This presentation will look at some of this  research, latest guidelines, and how lighting and controls will play an increasingly important role in delivering the educational establishments of today and tomorrow.

8. Industrial Application

Modern manufacturing and logistics facilities must be safe, low energy, cost effective and support improved productivity. This presentation looks at the bespoke challenges within the industrial sector in delivering a balanced lighting solution that encompasses all of these considerations.

9. ‚ÄčThe Commercial Environment

Despite well established and published guidance for commercial office lighting,  the introduction of new design approaches such as the “WELL” standard requires adoption of new metrics and brings new expectations of the lighting designer.  This presentation looks at the opportunities LED lighting and smart control technologies provide in delivering tomorrow’s workspaces.